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Pump Control and Data Logging

Efficient pumping and water movement through a pipe network is an important part of any irrigation system. Watermatic has a proven track record providing pump control and data logging solutions with remote control and monitoring. We have experience in irrigation pump control, leachate water control, water harvesting control, and water source controllers, among other solutions.

Watermatic can design a customised pump controller to suit your application, with many of our controllers designed in-house for maximum efficiency. The controllers we use have remote control and monitoring functionality in order to optimise hydraulic efficiency and create savings for the end user.

Our data loggers can be used stand-alone or designed to work alongside a pump controller. Watermatic loggers can open and close valves and are capable of logging water meters, pressure transducers, and tank levels. Control is optimised at all stages, with a remote log-in option giving you the ability to view data in various time scales and send alerts under user-defined conditions.