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Water Harvesting

Watermatic implements efficient water harvesting solutions. We can design complete systems that capture, store, filter, and deliver water in order to reduce dependence on potable water. We have successfully delivered large-scale water harvesting systems that substantially reduced potable water for residential, commercial, and government projects.

At the commercial level, we have completed harvesting systems with gross pollutant traps, wet well installation, pump stations, large-volume storage tanks, pump control panels, and filtration and disinfection systems, along with data monitoring and logging systems. We have also completed smaller projects based around the design and construction of domestic tank and pump harvesting systems, on-site detention tank conversion, and town water back-up systems.

We have experience in delivering projects in the following areas:

  1. Storm Water Harvesting Systems
  2. Leachate Water Harvesting Systems
  3. Pump Stations
  4. Media and Screen Filtration
  5. Bio-Filtration Systems
  6. UV Disinfection
  7. Custom Built Control Panels
  8. Data Logging and Collection